Wine Time?

For Satomi's look please see her Blog Post
Head: LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.7
Skin: YS&YS Dea for Lelutka The Chapter Four
Hair: Sintiklia Sweet berry gacha @ The Chapter Four
Shades: Mulloy - Delta Glasses The Chapter Four
Bracelets: Belle Epoque Summertime @ The Chapter Four
Dress: Indented Lauren l White The Chapter Four
Shoes: Essenz - Germany (Gray) Gift @ FaMESHed
Pose: K&S casual poses The Chapter Four
Tulip with Bento Hold: M.I.X. Flower Collection  Tulip

Flower Shop: Rrevival shelter from the rain
Crates with Flowers: Dreamscapes Pia Set Peace by Peace Hunt
Hose: Hive vintage garden hose cart
Wheelbarrow: What Next Springtime Tulips Wheelbarrow
Clock: Decor Junction & Shutter Field Industrial Decor Clock The Crossroad Event
Tree Guard: Botanical - Street Tree Grate & Tree Guard
Tree: Panavia Tree "Spring" White
Pup: JIAN Splendid Spaniels Epiphany
The rest of the set: MadPea MyHelsinki @ 6 Republic Open Tomorrow

MadPea will release tomorrow this stunning set for 6 Republic. Here is a full list of what you can get on this massive Gacha:

MyHelsinki - SkyWheel (201Li (base 39Li/wheel 162Li) - Rideable - softlinked)

MyHelsinki - Floating Sauna (49Li - Adult & PG versions)
MyHelsinki - Vintage Tram (45Li - includes sit animations - click on lights to toggle on and off)
MyHelsinki - Ferry (68Li - includes sit animations)

MyHelsinki - Beer Mugs (mug 1Li, reindeer handle 1Li)
MyHelsinki - Bench (2 Li - includes sit animations)
MyHelsinki - Blood Sausage w/Lingonberry (1 Li)
MyHelsinki - Bread Cheese w/Cloudberry (2 Li)
MyHelsinki - Cash Register (3Li)
MyHelsinki - Crate of Blueberries (4Li)
MyHelsinki - Crate of Carrots (1Li)
MyHelsinki - Crate of Cherries (3Li)
MyHelsinki - Crate of Cloudberries (4Li)
MyHelsinki - Crate of Peas (4Li)
MyHelsinki - Crate of Raspberries (4Li)
MyHelsinki - Coffee & Cinnamon Roll (2 Li)
MyHelsinki - Fish Display (12 Li)
MyHelsinki - Karelian Pasties (3 Li)
MyHelsinki - Kuska Wooden Cups (1Li)
MyHelsinki - Lappland Knife (knife 1Li, sheathed 1Li)
MyHelsinki - Licorice Stall (7Li)
MyHelsinki - Market Table (2Li)
MyHelsinki - Market Tent Orange (8Li)
MyHelsinki - Market Tent Blue (8Li)
MyHelsinki - Market Tent White (8Li)
MyHelsinki - Modular Pier (2 corner 4Li each, 2 straight 2Li each, stairs 14Li)
MyHelsinki - Neon Sign (15Li)
MyHelsinki - Railings (railing 1Li, half railing 1Li, railing post 1Li)
MyHelsinki - Reindeer Antler Wine Stoppers (single 1Li, cluster 1Li)
MyHelsinki - Reindeer Candle (3Li)
MyHelsinki - Rental Bicycles (wearable - animated - male & female versions)
MyHelsinki - Rental Bicycle Stand (6Li - prop only)
MyHelsinki - Round Table & Chairs (table1Li, 4 chairs 2Li each - includes sit animations)
MyHelsinki - Streetlamp Single (5Li)
MyHelsinki - Streetlamp Double (5Li)
MyHelsinki - Salmiakki (1Li)
MyHelsinki - Salmiakki Vodka (1Li)
MyHelsinki - Sauna Accessories (large & small hanging towels 2Li each, thermometer 1Li, bucket w/ladle 3Li, bucket w/birch twig 5Li, folded towel 2Li, 2 towels 2Li each)
MyHelsinki - Table & Benches (1 table 1Li, 2 benches 2Li each - includes sit animations)
MyHelsinki - Ticket Booth (11Li)
MyHelsinki - Turtle Stone (5 Li - includes sit animations)