Spoile yourself a little

Mirror, Sink, Vace, Napkin Box,  Soap Pump, Toothbrushes: ETNIA Chinese Bathroom @ Cosmopolitan
Stool, Towels and Lotion Tubes: Soy Bath Stool & Goods Set
Tub: ARIA Deloros Bathtub
Candles: Revival bamboo lanterns light
Flowed Mirror: junk. wannabe boho. petal mirror. wood
Bamboo: Chez Moi Japanese Potted Bamboo
Blinds and Mat: Soy  Reed Screen SUDARE
House: LAGOM Daphne Cottage Builders Box
Trees and Grass: The Little Branch RedElder @ Draftsman
Bamboo: he Little Branch Bamboo_Cluster.v2_Seasons
Flowerbed: Half-Deer Star Creeper Moss
Fence: Chez Moi Outdoor Divisor @ The Gacha Garden