You may have the universe if I may have Italy. Giuseppe Verdi

Chalkboard: BLUE SKY Chalkboard Barrel Limit8sl
Lanterns: Decor Junction & Shutter Field Seaside Candle Lantern Shiny Shabby
Young Trees: hive Newly planted trees set Bloom Springtime Market
Cypress Trees: Botanical Mesh Mediterranean Cypress
Grass: The Little Branch RedElderGrass Spring @ Draftsman
Stringlights: Half-Deer Cozy Stringlights
Cork Sign: BLUE SKY "Cork LOVE - WOOD"
Easel: YS&YS La Cantina - 01 Easel (RARE)
Bottles (Res Wax Seal) and Glasses: YS&YS La Cantina Gacha
Table: Serenity Style The Atelier Couture-Table Shiny Shabby
Wine Bottles: BLUE SKY Toscana Dining
Glass Bell: Serenity Style The Magic Alice Bell @ De(c)orate April 
Flower Trees: Air Fuji (Wisteria)Pink
Chairs and Tables: What Next Terrace Set & Decor (Greem)
Flowers on the Table: Fancy Decor Potted Crocus Bloom Springtime Market
Candles on the Tables: Ariskea & Unkindness  [Solace] Candle 4
Moss on the Wall: Half-Deer Star Creeper Moss Collabor88
Built: Merak Abandoned Conservatory Bloom Springtime Market