She comes in colors ev'rywhere; She combs her hair; She's like a rainbow

Head: CATWA HEAD Catya (Bento)
Skin Applier: Avenge Wen skin applier for Catwa The Skin Fair
Eyeshadow: SlackGirl Blow Shadow The Skin Fair
Hair: Iconic Asme @ Hairology
Alme: alme. Lacey - Black The Chapter Four
Bangles: Baubles! MillaCoctailBangles (Black)
Top: N-Uno - Nicole Long Top The Chapter Four
Pose: FOXCITY Dance On9

Let's talk about Bento static poses and what they mean to a photographer. The reason I'm writting this post is becasue I hate seeing good designers that work hard and well getting one start review, just becasue someone is not reading the instructions or understands what having Bento hands/head means. 

First thing to know is that making poses is not easy on a regular avatar. I used to try and make my own poses and I always missed something. The leg looked unnatural, the hand was inside my hip, my head tilted in a way that looked like I broke my neck. So can you imagine what it's like to focus on every knuckle, every joint etc with making a Bento pose?

Now let's talk about shape and Bento poses. I'll do that by using SL's vavourite picture object... Boobs. in real life, if you're a "blessed" woman, you will move your arms in a different way to make a heart shape with your hands as you will have less room to do that than flat chested women. Well you might squeeze your boobs together. But as we all know in sl boobs are not squeezable (not yet anyway). So you'll need to adjest your shape to make the arms not go into your lungs. With Bento it's even more than that. The size of your hands is no longer same for wall and the shape is no longer the same. What Bento brought us is bit more individuality in our shapes and if my hand size is 6 or a 7 the fingers won't entwine the same as on a size 4 or 3. I'll need to adjust myself for it.

In my You'll DO post I'm using Sari-Sari - Heart Bento pose. I needed to adjust my shape for that pose. My body fat and my arms length to make the fingers touch well. On my Red Post I was using FOXCITY Lara pose for Bento and you can see my shape wasn't adjusted perfectly for my head to lean on my hand. In my Shadow post again with FOXCITY Lara my shape was actually percet to have the hand placed on my arm perfectly. This doesn't mean that it will look the same on someone else using the same pose. You need to play with it. That's the cost of individualism in this game.

Now bento head animations. Go to On9 join the group and collect FOXCITY's group gift for On9 which is a face hud for Bento heads. What you'll see is that the animations on your face won't look the same as on the ad. But come on, your smile can't be like your friend's smile. It's not an exact science with only one answer. I have a few bento heads and the poses looks different on each one and it's perfectly understandable. Sari-Sari's bento poses also play with the head animations, so it will look different on different shapes and heads. It makes perfect sense.

So if you're photographer with craziness for details, you'll adjust your shape. If you're holding an object, you'll take the time to adjust its size and shape to your hand. Yes, your folder of shapes will be filled in no time. But it's a matter of two clicks to go back to your original shape. It's not like you are being asked to alter yourself and go to a club with a chimpanzee long arms and flat chest. It's just what Bento means. That you'll need to adjust. So before you give a one star review for someone that worked really hard for you to enjoy their item, make those little steps to create that picture you had in your head. 

If you have any questions I will be happy to help as much as possible. I know that the designers are also always willing to help and answer questions and I dont' know a blogger that is not happy to answer questions as well.

Now, after I was talking way to seriously about this, let's go back to the main theme of this game and it's to have fun, not to get angry and frustrate at one another with mean attitude and bad reviews. Try to enjoy it and if it's not working, just ask :)