This picture was inspired by a GIF I came across with last night and just said I have to do it! So here is it for a link to that gif click here please

As for Credits, I'll list them avi first, then my deco sponsors with new items first and then old items and then the rest of the list starting roughly from the bed. It is a long list. If you think I forgot something, please let me know and I'll fix it ☺

With many thanks to Blane ☺

Hair: enVOGUE - HAIR Naomi NEW
Sweater: Hazy Fuwafuwa look S. Kint. White
Tights: Izzie's - Sheer Tights
Socks: C'est la vie ! Ilva short socks
Pose: PoseShopUnDeux Lay

Lamp: BIGBULLY Vessel Lamps @ Cosmopolitan
Frames on the Right: Serenity Style The Se7en Frames @ Project Se7en
Rug (mod) and Books: LAGOM Tumbleweed Gacha @ Gacha Guardians
Desk: Q-Essentials Davis Office Desk With Black Drawers Lost & Found
Boxes under the Desk: What Next Storage Box Metaliics
Chair: UnKindness Grease Monkey Seat

Book: What Next Her Book
Bed: EliBaily Recycled Planks Bed Chevron
Puppy: Mutresse Sleeping-Dalmatian Puppies
Grey Cat: Fashionably Dead Cat - 02 Sleeping Curled
Puppy on Laundry: JIAN Lively Labs Laundry Pup
Canvas with Stringlights: C L A Vv. Light Studio - Stack of Canvas
Paintings: C L A Vv. Hibernating Time - My Artwork @ The Arcade
Bookcase: Consignment Regal Bookcase - Blue
Blinds: Soy Corrugated Blinds
Stringlights: Half-Deer Cozy Stringlights @ Collabor88
Drafting Board: Junk. wil's drafting board
Rolled Drawings: Cherry House clothing studio-Design drawings barrel
Chest: Hive jolly coffee table chest
Headphones: SORGO Wireless Headphones The Arcade
Laptop: Random Matter  - Dorm Life - Laptop [Black] The Arcade
Hot Chocolate: What Next Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray (Pumpkin Everything)
Desk with Lamp, Sketch Book, Brushes and Water Colours: Toro Watercolor Desk set
Books aiwth Watercolours: Vespertine still life with books
Pen Container: Cherry House clothing studio Pen container
Bamboo: Soy + Toro water bamboo @ Kustom9
Goldfish: O.M.E.N - SEASIDE - Goldfish Bowl
Pinboard: Floorplan pinboard / salem
Sleeping Cat in a Basket: O.M.E.N & Dust Bunny Sleepy Bengal . In Bed - Brown
Computer, Screen and Keyboad w/Mouse: ht:headquarters [ht:home] gaming office
House: Apple Fall Old Mayfair Skybox RARE