You could be my flamingo 'Coz pink is the new kinda lingo

Room Devider, Chair and Three Flower Vases: Serenity Style A love touch The Liaison Collaborative
Globe, Sphere, Frames, Lamp and Notebooks: MINIMAL - Memories Gacha The Chapter Four
Doll: Yokai Kokeshi - Amaya Lost and Found
Branches, Bear, Guitar, Harp, End Table: Thunk! Have A Heart The Chapter Four
Penguin Watch: *(OO)*YUKI Penguin Watch RARE 02 The Chapter Four
Roses, Locket, Sofa, Bunny, Purse, Bag and House:  Ionic ANIMA The Chapter Four
Love Sign: [-BLUE SKY-] "Cork LOVE - RED" The Chapter Fou
Love Letters: Ant Hill Send Ur Love Gacha Lost and Found
Phone: Tres Blah Rotary Phone - Pink
Rug: {Imeka} Black Stars rug