Open Boxes and Cabinet: Lagom Sakura Sweetness Gacha @ The Kawaii Project
Dummy, Rugs, Easel, Paint Cans, Brushes and Tubes, Canvas: Serenity Style The Painter Place Shiny Shabby
Lace Rug, Boxes, Bars, Cage: Knick Knacks Amore Amore Set Shiny Shabby
Pouf and Drawer: Glam Affair Savannah Gacha @ Kustom 9
Cigarettes: KOPI Cigarette set Gift Creators Collection Box
Broken Computer: Anhelo 94-6 VHF transeiver Gift Creators Collection Box
Chair: CMYK sofa (camel) The Kawaii Project
Swinging Pot: GOOSE - Pot people V2 - swing pot Shiny Shabby
Glass and Silver Decorations: Air Ginyou silver Creators Collection Box
Sunbeam: we're CLOSED Sunbeam
House: Maru Kado My Hideout_Skybox (35Li) RARE @ Creators Collection Box