The sun was shining

Cats Statues: The Silas Gallery : "Catz" The Chapter Four
Table and Shelves: Ionic : Northern Life The Chapter Four
Boxes and Saucepan: Serenity Style Let's to bake Gacha @ The Liaison Collaborative
Accordian: Thunk! College Days Deco Accordian The Chapter Four
Suitcase, Pots, Watering Can and Tub: Kei-Spot Suitcase Planter The Chapter Four
Frames: Serenity Style A bit of me gacha
Basin: UnKindness Wash Basin Set White @ FaMESHed
Rug: Imeka Black Stars/ Winter Rugs The Chapter Four
House: Scarlet Creative Miss Olwen @ Collabor88
Trees: Panavia Conifer Tree "Picea"
Shrubs: we're CLOSED shrub large green
Grass: {anc} meadow {deep forest} on FLF

*Flowers and platns on the Selves Unlinked from Kalopsia - Marlowe's Set 


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