In the corner of my mind

Chest, Glasses and Box with Pillow: Serenity Style Home Sweet Home Gacha @ The Crossroad
Bear: Knick Knacks steampunk bears clear train driver bear Shiny Shabby
Puf, Bedside Table, Little Plant, Big Plant, Chair, Desk, Mirror and Floor Pillows: LAGOM - Living Eco @ Cosmopolitan
Lamp and Bed: Cheeky Pea Lace Set @ Uber
Posters, Paper Plane and Boat, Spinning Top, Cart, Bag, Closed Book, Open Book, Ink, Lunch Box, Blackboard and Abacus: THOR Once Upon a Time - Vintage School Gacha Set @ The Chapter Four Open Tomorrow
Wall Deco: Panavia Wall Deco "INACH" Grey Cosmopolitan
Robots: Serenity Style Tiny Heart Robot GACHA Shiny Shabby
Shadowbox: Birch Shadowbox @ The Liaison Collaborative
Penguin Plants: Sway's [Penguin] Planter
Stringlights: Half-Deer Kitty Stringlights [Happy]
Clock: Birch Fat Cat Wall Clock - White & Gold @ The Chapter Four Open Tomorrow
Cak Lamp: Half-Deer Slumber Lamp - Cat - Calico
Rug: LAGOM- Snowdrop [Rug1]
House: [PM]Pixel Mode - Little Attic @ FaMESHed


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