Shhh... He's asleep

Head: LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.0
Skin Applier: Glam Affair - Lucrezia ( LeLutka Applier ) America @ Uber
Eyes: [Buzz] Duo Eye - Earth
Hair: .Entwined. Kelly / Christmas Gift
Lipstick: je suis... Lelutka lips no. 005 (Nudes) @ Lost & Found
Top: KITJA - Yuna Sweater VINOUS @ Uber
Sugar Bear: .peaches. Corwin's Sugar Bears - Sleepy Snow @ Gacha Guardians Starts Jan 1st

I got myself a little Christmas present in the shape of LeLutka's new Bento head Simone. I was working on the shape myself, so I can't credit it to anyone and it will go under changes, as I notices some features do change from one applier to another. But I will say this, it was a much smoother and easier to edit my shape on Simone than on Catya, but I think it might be the fact I was rusty in shape editing and now grown bit more used to it.

The head comes with a wonderful hud. All the Glam Affair tones as usual. The hair bases are now on the same hud. Less huds the better. Animation are a very cool tab here: A general neutral mood or a general happy mood are available. I'm with the happy mood which makes your avi smile a little bit, maybe a giggle or a laugh randomly, but all very small and natural and is not part of the general expression animations.

The expressions are really nice: 24 animation. Eight of them are movement in a loop like eye rolling, winking etc. The animations are divided into five categories to ease the search for them: Positive, Negative, Other, Looped and Un-Looped.

On and Off talk option for typing in local/talk, parted lips, blink and not blink are there too and 6 options for the eyelids closed, open, sleepy and more. Another addition I love is the eyes position buttons. You don't need Anypose hud to decide of the eyes looking left/right etc. anymore. You can control it from the hud itself. This product is costing 5L and does deliver a lot.

I played with the different appliers I have for LeLutka in my inventory. All look great, but you will need to match your shape from one to another in my opinion. Some don't like that, but I do, it will make the whole thing bit more interesting. The avi for me is a bit of a prop for my pictures and I do love to play with the opinion on it, just like on any other item. I eventually went with buying myself one more thing, which is the Glam Affair new applier for LeLutka that is available at Uber. It is lovely. With eight eyebrows options, eight lipsticks and eight eye shadows, it's a great applier.

For the lips I went with a new item that can be found in this new round of Lost & Found. A lovely lipstick applier for LeLutka by je suis... includes five tones all nude and natural and looks lovely.

And last to be mention in this really long post is .peaches. they made this lovely gacha set of Sugar Bears. I actually have a RL picture cuddling this beautiful creature and my face looks so silly with me just melting at how cute and small and sweet this tiny creature was. So here is the sl version. .peaches. made 11 little ones, for you to be available on the next round of Gacha Guardians. The rare one is a little one flying around you happily. So cute.

Enjoy your boxing day :)


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