Time to go home

Boomerang Display: MadPea Dinkum Dingo Diner - Boomerang Display @ 6 Republic
Woodburner: KK HOME - Waltham Woodburner - Cream The Old Fair 2016
Plants: ChiC buildings Tall Pottery in Holder Driftwood @ On9
Book Rack: ChiC buildings Lattice Book Rack with Books Driftwood @ On9
Sofa: DaD DESIGN "Livingstone Sofa"
Frames: ChiC buildings Hanging Frame 1 Driftwood @ On9
Fox Pillows: Sway's [Fox] Pillows
Commode: ChiC buildings Classic Commode Driftwood @ On9
Clock: Q-Essentials Big Wheel Bicycle Clock The Old Fair 2016
Rug: Zerkalo Darius Full Set
House: DaD DESIGN The NewOld Cabin 6 Republic

I'm showing you one item out of one of the most impressive Gacha sets I ever saw from MadPea. I've been their blogger for quite some time and the wow effect never ends. This time MadPea made a diner Australia style for this round of 6 Republic and it's brilliant. I will be working on a big set to show it to you as I always have with MadPea's items, but for now I'm showing you this little Boomerang Display to show you little bit of how brilliant that set is. I added the gacha key at the bottom of this page for you to see bit more.

I'm vvery proud to join On9 event as their blogger. I've been a regular visitor to this event for a very long time and with a new round starting, I'm very happy to present this sweet warm furniture set by ChiC buildings. Available in 4 versions: Driftwood, Oak, Shabby and Walnut. 

DaD DESIGN released their item for 6 Republic as well, this amazing little house is modern yet very homey glass home. I used to see these houses in magazines in the woods. I'll be having fun with this one. 44 prims on the house and with snow 64 prims, yes it has a snowy version!

One last thing. As we all have heard the horrible news of Daniel's passing, I will add items here and there of Zerkalo to my sets as I always have been. It is a call for you to go and shop at Zerkalo. I didn't know Daniel personally, but I'm a big fan of his work. The Book of Daniel event was raising money to help Daniel and Anaïs, let's not stop there. We can still do a little by little to help Anaïs and keep Daniel's art alive. May he rest in peace and I'm using this platform to send my deepest condolences to Daniel's family and friends.


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