In one word... Penguins

Sat's outfit details can be found on her blog

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Baum - Basics Tannenbaum Event Starts Tomorrow
Coat: !gO! Nina trench coat - 3 Lost and Found
Dress: !gO! Nina dress - 3 Lost and Found
Boots: Snowpaws Slouchy Gray Suede Boots Lost and Found
Pose: an lar [poses] The Megan Series Shiny Shabby

Penguins: JIAN :: Emperor Penguins Tannenbaum Event Starts Tomorrow
Sleigh: Poseidon Ride n Slide Sled Tannenbaum Event Starts Tomorrow
Snowmans: Yokai - Funny snowmans GACHA Lost and Found
Picnic Table, Swings and Bicycle: Mesh India Winter Gacha @ The Cosmopolitan
Trees with Stringlights: LAGOM-Frostbite Gacha Lost and Found
Trees: Panavia Winter Tree "Fagus" Draftsman 
Grass: The Little Branch WildGrass*1Li{Winter} (mod)
Wall: Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall
Snow Piles: DownDownDown Snow piles
Textures for the Snow Piles and Ground: Botanical Winter Snow Texture Pack
Snow: objective showroom Snow Matic Mesh 

Let me share the way this set was built. The joy of logging in and find Sat in my land was really nice. I was in the beginning of building a set. I didn't know what I want, I just knew I wanted a snowy playground and that I'm going to use these items from Mesh India Sat sent my way the day before. Sat set down on the snowy table as I was starting to build this set with her little friend from Pink Acid that you can find at The Chapter Four

Panavia's beautiful snowy tree joined in naturally and is available at Draftsman. Then these sweet snowmen from Yokai's gacha set for Lost and Found were added. I then took the liberty to open up some of the packs that will be awaiting you all at Tannenbaum Event that is starting tomorrow. I'm really excited about this! The moment I saw  JIAN's new penguins I knew, this playground is all for them. Poseidon's new Sleigh was so perfect and it comes with 16 poses. These are really funny and I'm already working on a post to show one of these funny poses for you. To make the picture a whole, I added eventually these beautiful trees by LAGOM for Lost and Found. Don't miss this gacha set. It's so lovely with so many options for you to decorate your Christmas garden. I will show you more of it soon. For encore Sat added this amazing snow and though my plan for now humans in this picture, I just couldn't help it with Sat being funny on that picnic table. So I added myself in and here we are.

This was a really fun set to make especially with such great company. ♥


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