I know a whoopee spot. Where the gin is cold. But the piano's hot!

String Lights: Pixel Mode - Landscape Lights 
Guitar Case Sign: What Next Guitar Case Sign
Brass Instruments Pots and Stage: Thunk! Fall Flowers (French Horn, Cornet and Trombone) The Chapter Four
Billiard Table: Chez Moi Billiard Table Oakville Old Wood
White Floor Lamp: BIGBULLY Disc Lamp @ Tres Chic
Stools, Tables, Beer, Lamps and House: MadPea Dinkum Dingo Diner @ 6 Republic
Curtains: Knick Knacks 2 lace curtains Pack
Hanging Guitars: What Next Hanging Guitar Decor (Concert)
Frames: [Toiz] jazz frame
Beer Sign: Toro. Draft Beer Neon Sign


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