Little did he know...

Head: LAQ Mesh head Trinity 1.5
Skin Applier: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Flame
Lipstick: Avi-Glam Creamy Lipstick - for LAQ Head
EyesAvi Glam  Serene Eyes - Essential Pack 1 @ Cosmopolitan
Hair with Hat: ICONIC Humble The Season Story
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos Juno The Boho Culture Fair Open Oct 21st
Nails: Bella Elephante - Glimmer
Top: E-Clipse Dedign Amaranth Top Dirt Shiny Shabby Open Today
Shotgun with Pose and Emergency Zombie Box: MadPea ZombieBox
Zombie: Aphrodite "Animated Zombie Walker" Moving Halloween Deco 
Poppies: The Little Branch Orange Poppies{Field}
Pumpkins Shelves: Panavia Pumpkin Ladder WOOD Cosmopolitan
House: DaD DESIGN "Southwoods Cottage" Shiny Shabby Open Today

As promised a little closer look on the appliers and tattoo from my last post. This skin applier by 7 Deadly s[K]ins has lovely freckles and fits the LAQ perfectly. I did a little mix and match with Avi-Glam's Creamy Lipstick. I love it and all the cool tones it has from black and green to this nude colour. You can see up close the Endless Pain Tattoos release for The Boho Culture Fair and how the arm connects so well to the hand. It is a full body tattoo and though I blog tattoos rarely I really love this one. You get a closer look at Bella Elephante with their nails applier available for Belleza and Meitreya bodies.

My hair is another brilliant release from ICONIC for The Season Story. As I remember what a struggle it is to edit a hat to match a hair well, I'm always blessing when I see a hair combo with a hat and this one has a nice hud for the hat as well as the hair of course.

The top is E-Clipse Dedign new release for this upcoming round of Shiny Shabby as always E-Clipse are putting extra effort on the their realistic touch. What got me to adore this brand for to long. A variety of colours will be available and the pants on this event will be coming up on another post shortly.

My little hunky friend over there is Aphrodite's new release. This dude walks and falls down and creeps me out even before I took him out of the box. I'm not a zombie fan nor vamps but I was happy to see it as I was just waiting to blog the shotgun from MadPea's Zombiebox. Just break the glass in case of a Zombie apocalypse and you'll get this shot gun and a crowbar to kick some ass.

Panavia is a new sponsor and I'm very happy to come back from my break to see their new release. These pumpkins are highly realistic and I love the colours. This porch and all it's autumn deco is in the making for an upcoming deco post where you will see it much better and know why I love it this much.

Finally DaD DESIGN with their new house for Shiny Shabby. The textures on this one are warm and cozy with dark wood frames and doors. As always DaD DESIGN allows you to pick and choose the colours of the inner walls with a simple menu on switches scattered around the house. Best part, it has two version. Regular and snowy so all you early x-mas spirit early rises can start the fun as soon as possible.

Enjoy :)


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