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School Set: Kalopsia Daisy's School Set @ The Chapter Four
Sheeps, Rain Drops and Clouds: Bee Designs Counting sheeps gacha @ Lost and Found
Shelves: floorplan. wire & wood shelf
Map, Books, Notepad, Pancils, Plant, Desk: Kalopsia - Tamsin's Office
Spilled Coffee: Half-Deer Cutie Clutter - Spilled Black Coffee The Arcade
    Science Project: UnKindness Science Fair Solar System
Black Board: What next Oh Deer Chalkboard Pose Set (boxed)
Memory Board: {vespertine} diy memory board / vintage
House: HAIKEI Attic Storage Gacha RARE

The Chapter Four is about to open for another round and for this one Kalopsia came out with a brilliant school Gacha set. Most of it is seen in the picture. Here is a full list of what this set has to offer:
  • Pancil Cases (3 colours available)
  • Agenda (rare)
  • Apple
  • Bagpack (3 colours available)
  • Beauty Clutter
  • Painted Deskchair (rare)
  • Wood Deskchair (rare)
  • Notebook (2 colours available)
  • Banners (3 colours available)
  • Water Bottle (3 colours available)
Bee Designs with their Counting sheeps gacha that you can see in full here is out at Lost and Found. It's so realisc, you can almost feel how soft it is. This cowboy sheep, I'm in love.