Still Life

Book, Chair, Shelves with Pears, Vase: Serenity Style-And I think to myself @ LTD the event Open Tomorrow
Sieve with Apples: Serenity Style Life Stories @ "The Book of Daniel"
Plant: Ariskea [Hope] Special Collections @ "The Book of Daniel"
Crate: Serenity Style Cute Camping Gacha Set
Onions and Garlic: PLAAKA Hill Side Deli Kitchen (This it the box of the gacha items)

As promised, here are a few details about the event  "The Book of Daniel" In the picture you can see two of the items on this heartwarming event. Serenity Style's old sieve that was the inspiration for this picture and Ariskea's realistic plant. Both are only one item in a bigger set that will be posted later on, on a bigger set.

"The Book of Daniel" event is a big event that brings together the best of Second Life's artists together in to raise funds for Daniel the talented owner and designer of Zerkalo. At least 50% of the profits of this event are for Daniel, to help him pay for a life saving cancer treatment. You can read more about Daniel and what this event is all about in Neva's post on Flickr.

Serenity Style release for the LTD the event that will open for another round tomorrow, is so lovely. These shelves with the pears along side that sieve were putting together this picture of still life inspired by Rembrandt famouse paintings. I can't wait to see what else this amazing event will bring.