Red Chairs: GOOSE Barcelona Louncher - red
Modern Living Set*: BIGBULLY Modern Living Gacha NEW
Zombie Kit:  MadPea ZombieBox @ TMD
Framed Quotes, '&' Sign, Plant in Pitcher and Boxes: Ariskea[Miu] Items @ LTD the event
Little Framed Poem and Plant: Ariskea [Hope] Special Collections @ "The Book of Daniel"
Books Pyramid: Zerkalo Memories - Books1
Books: Apt B // Books
Books: Apple Fall Books (freebie at the shop)
Lamp: junk. arch lamp. tall.
Shelves and Loft: DaD DESIGN "The Clock - Loft -skybox" @ Ultra The Event Starts Tomorrow
Electric Poles Outside: Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden Rare The Arcade
Houses: UnKindness Concrete Jungle Gacha (Inworld store will reopen soon)

MadPea ZombieBox is a very special 'Break Glass in Case...' kit for TMD. I love MadPea's toys as they are always full of plots and stories to get the imagination changing gears. I will be using this kit in an upcoming post and if you want to see what happens when you break the glass, check out my friend Tal's post Keep calm and reload a shotgun that shows what this kit is capable of.

GOOSE Barcelona Launchers are available in Red, White, Black and Dark Brown 10 poses for female and 10 for male and I like each of them and the modern feeling they are giving.

Speaking of modern BIGBULLY the new deco shop in town offers a new gacha set in their main store. The whole set is seen in the picture and the gacha key picture is at the bottom of this post. A nice moderns clean looking set.

In my last three posts I was showing you what this exciting new round of LTD the event has to offer and in this post you can see Ariskea items. Apart from the always beautiful plants this designer does, my favourites are these framed quotes. They are simple and elegant and how can someone go through live without an Oscar Wilde quote: 'Never love anybody who treats you like you're ordinary'.

DaD DESIGN did it again with this simple yet really cool skybox and shelves. 31 prims only one big cozy space and the windows are amazing and will be seen in upcoming posts. 7 different NYC panoramic views are seen from those windows. In this case I chose now views from a photo but the view of UnKindness Concrete Jungle set, as I am pretty much addicted to it on any city life picture.

More from Ariskea in this post with a lovely frames little poem and a plant, both part of a set that is being sold in The Book of Daniel event raising funds for a life saving treatment for Daniel the owner and designer of Zerkalo. In this post you can see one of their items, this cure pyramid of books. Sopping as this event or at Zerkalo can save a life and we all know what high quality beautiful items Daniel made in sl. More from this important event and more from Spoonful of Sugar Event another highly important event and for a good cause will be posted soon.