Look for the bear necessities

Bears and Falcon: TLC Bears Creek (mod)
KingfisherTLC Kingfisher with sign Spoonful of Sugar Event
Dock, Boat and Stumps: UnKindness In the Bayou Gacha Inworld store will re-open soon
Trees: The Little Branch FlamesMapleCluster{AllSeasons}
Trees: The Little Branch SugarMaple.v2{Seasons} (mod leaves colour)
Grass:  The Little Branch WildGrass*1Li{Autumn}
Mist: {anc} mist cloud&nebra beads [sungold]
Leaves Groups on the Ground: Action Autumn Leaves Set

This cheeky Kingfisher by TLC can be found at The Spoonful of Sugar Event for Doctors Without Borders. So many great designers at one place, and all for one amazing beautiful cause to make this world a little bit better. Happy shopping.