It's a living thing

Miror, Pillow on the Floor, Table, Bust, Chair, Pot and Polded Fabric, Rugs: Knick Knacks le grenier gachas @ Shiny Shabby Open Tomorrow
Toy Clowns: NOMAD // Musical Clowns
Monkey: NOMAD // Mechanical Toy // Cymbal Monkey
Deer Pul Along Toy: Kalopsia Maple Vintage Decor Set
Shelf with Frames: What next 'Autumn' Picture Shelves on FLF
Bunnies and Duck Pull Toy: Kalopsia Part of Vintage Toys Set
Dolls on the Floor: DRD- MM2 Creepy dolls pile and hanging The Arcade
Board Games, Blocks and Cubes and Horse: DRD- MM2 Kids toys The Arcade
Toy Train Set: NOMAD // Railway Set // RARE
House: NOMAD// Forest Retreat // Green Collabor 88
Trees: The Little Branch FlamesMapleCluster