Ba bye Summer, Ba bye

Head: LAQ Mesh head Trinity 1.5
Skin Applier: 7 Deadly s[K]ins Omega HEAD applier - SENA Oak [BROWN]
Glasses: ELYSIUM - Ilona sunglasses - brown @ Cosmopolitan
Jacket: TETRA - Biker Leather Jacket (Navy) on FLF
Pose: Icons Of Style Back Gown Poses + Mirrors

Ok, where should I start... ICONIC!! Curls baby! Oh Neveah has done it again! Curly hair, full of life and sassy. I waited for this! Looks a lot like my rl hair on a summer day in Tel Aviv. Happiness!!

Next 7 Deadly s[K]ins with this lovely omega applier for mesh heads. I checked this applier on both CATWA HEAD Jessica and LAQ Trinity. Looks great on both. So I highly and happily recommend it. It will be a good buy.

ELYSIUM are releasing these cool sunglasses in the next round of Cosmopolitan event. Many colours to play for and a nice hud to change the colours of the lanses and metal. 

And TETRA released this cool jacket for last Fridays, 50's Lindens Friday event. It looks great. I love it, but just pay attention. There's a nice sheer layer at the bottom of it, like the top peeking through underneath the jacket. It looks great and there's a nice hud for the colours of the top. But problem is you really need to pick and choose what pants/skirt to wear with it. The sheer part, it being bit long and transparent, layers on a mesh body won't come through so the applier layer on that specific part will not shown.. And let's say the PG places will have all their 'LookAt' arrows on that part in a second. So layer applier leggings are not the solution. Mesh is the only option, and also on that a lot peek through the jacket mesh. After digging through my inventory I found Blueberry's - Rica Vox Skinny Jeans. Fits perfectly underneath. For 50L of course I recommend that jacket. Just pay attention that you have what you need to wear with it.