Something Smells Good

Flower Cans and Hanging Colanders:  Kalopsia - Flora's Sweet Summer Party @ The Chapter Four
Vases and Apple Basket: Serenity Style Country Val Gacha Col. The Crossroads
Shelf: ionic . Kitchen Shelf The Chapter Four
Dishes: ionic . Dishes The Chapter Four
Hanging: ionic  minimal needs : Kitchen Module
Hanging Plants: Apt B // Eco Plant Plaques - Limbs Plaque The Chapter Four
Bench: Apple Fall Neva's Sideboard
Laundry Basket: Apple Fall Neva's Laundry Basket
Bucket: Serenity Style- Antique Bucket
Sink With Shelves: ionic  Kitchen Menage
Buskets: Serenity Style- Antique Baskets
Boxes: Serenity Style Antique Kitchen
Cutting Boards: Serenity Style- Cutting Boards RARE
Salt and Pepper: [CIRCA] "Cafe Volo" Flower Vase & Shakers1 - Orange
Milk and Butter Pots: [ zerkalo ] Boho-colored kitchen - Milk&Butter Pot
House: ionic . Dreamers Cottage RARE The Chapter Four

As for a few days ago my Facebook profile has been shut down. Most chances it has been reported. I got an amazing support by my two amazing besties Conni and Miza decided they will not allow this and opened up a new Facebook page only for my blog. This is so touching and so moving that these two won't allow this to happen, I'm amazed that SL brought my way these amazing strong two women. I'm so lucky. 

As for my real life I have been through some amazing changes lately. Starting by closing a page on a horrible time in my life. My grandmother left her flat to myself, my brother and my cousins in her will in order for us to sell it and have something to start our lives as adults in a country where it's very hard to do so. Now almost a year after she passed, we passed the keys to the buyers. I feel so happy, not about the money, I'm happy I did what my grandmother asked. Her last wish. 

I also found a new job. A job in a beautiful place filled with smart, good people with their hearts in the right place. I feel so flattered and happy that I got this job. Starting a big new change. A blessed one.

Why am I puking all this on the page? To make a point. Whoever it is that reported my Facebook, did that to punish me and take away a way for me to present my posts in another platform. I admit, I was angry when I found out about it. But I talked to each and every one of my sponsors and I got support from each and every one of them. All telling me that it's ok. 

So what do we have here? My two best friends offering and giving help fully know that us 3 are here for each other no matter what. My real life taking a turn for the best and my amazing sponsors supporting me as I would have supported them, no matter what.

I'm so grateful, so lucky and so so happy. Thank you so much!

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  1. We did nothing that you would not do for us Bambioozles

    1. ♥♥♥♥ Still doens't mean that I will take it fro granted. Love you!


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