Puny God!

Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica 
Skin Applier: [Mignonne] Tina Milk (not for sale)
Freckles: Izzie's - CATWA Appliers (Taleah pale)
Eyelashes: Deesses Boutique CATWA - Luxe eyelashes set (5 models)
Eyes: IKON  Odyssey Eyes - Glass
Hair: .Entwined. Grace Shiny Shabby
Water Drops applier: .::Nanika::. Drops of water (mesh Body Applier) The Liaison Collaborative
Pose: oOo Stutio boudoir15
Feathers: {anc} feather chips {heaven} @ The Mens Department

I hardly ever if at all do a nude picture in Second live (well, it's not like I do them in Real Life for that matter). I don't feel comfortable with it and feeling even less and less the more time passes. This one is inspired by a real life picture I saw in an exhibition taking Narcissus mythology story into photography as was being done into paintings so many times in the past. I added the feathers with a bit of a wink to another mythological story about Leda and the Swan just because if I was in the neighbourhood, why not? And it got me thinking...

Both stories are somewhat Second Life isn't it? Zeus wants to have a secret love affair with Leda, so he takes the form of a swan to be with her. Like so many who here take the form of an avatar to be with someone in Second Life.

And Narcissus speaks for itself no? We take the form of beautiful swans in Second Life and our ego starts growing till some of us become blind to reality. I'm not saying all of us are like that, but you do nod reading this. Right? Right? I call it soap opera, but thinking about it.. Greek and later on Roman mythology are spot on, on some of the Second Life stories. Won't you agree?

And yes, the title IS a quote from The Avengers. I'm a geek and I'm damn proud of it I tell ya!