Pamella's Kindergarten

Pots Puppets: GOOSE - Pot people @ Shiny Shabby Open Today
Table, Window Sit, Tray with Coffee, Mail Box and House: Serenity Style-New Air @ Shiny Shabby Open Today
Fan: {what next} Vintage Fan Ivory on FLF
Wreath: Apple Fall Blossom Wreath @ Shiny Shabby Open Today
Flowers: Apple Fall Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums (mod) @ Shiny Shabby Open Today
Fence: Apple Fall Cranfield Fence @ Shiny Shabby Open Today
Glass Vase with Leaf: Sari-Sari - Summer Soiree
Shelves with Glass Pots: Sari-Sari - Succulent Terrarium Set
Plant Shelves: PILOT - Potted Plant Shelves
Hose: PILOT - Water Hose
Rake: Sari-Sari - Spring Backyard - Repurposed Rake
Hanging Herb Pots: Sari-Sari - Vertical Herb Garden
Colourful Leaves: {anc} Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful}
Grass: {anc} Garden by anc slight wildgrass
Ivy: =EliBaily= Ivy
Tree: The Little Branch CherryTree{4Seasons} @ FaMESHed
Big Trees: Soy. Salon Tent & Tree Set Collabor 88

{what next} done it again with a beautiful delicate style with this new electric fan for Fifty Lindens Friday with 9 different colours!

Shiny Shabby is opening its gates for another round and a sneak peek around. I have to tell you, this round will be epic. With a few little saples for you. GOOSE with an amazing set ofr pot puppets. Look how cute they look. Serenity Style with a new gacha set of a lovely vintage comfy house and items we all need in our happy cozy spot. Apple Fall with a beautiful set and you better get that fence and not miss the exclusive colour as seen in the picture.