No. 7 Rue St Soleil

Sofa, Trolley, Croquembouche, Plates: Kalopsia - Madeleine's Afternoon Delight @ UBER
Pink Champagne Bottle: {anc} MoonLightLounge. champagne
Champagne Glasses: [ keke ] champagne glass - flute
Champagne Bottle and Bucket: [ keke ] champagne bubblissimo bucket - silver
Fence: Apple Fall Bushmead Railing Set (Black)
Pavement: Apple Fall Flagstones
White Flowers: The Little Branch WhiteFlowers1{Field}
Grass: {anc} Garden by anc slight wildgrass
Roses: {anc} suger rose field [pink&rose] box
Bushes: Botanical - Seasonal Boxwood Hedge and Arches Set V2
house: Apple Fall Gatekeepers' Lodge RARE