City Maps: BIGBULLY City Map Prints 
Shelves: Sway's [Arya] Honeycomb shelf @ Lost and Found
Stool: Sway's [Arya] Stool / end table @ Lost and Found
Hanging Bag: Dysfunctionality Pegbag 
Poster: Fancy Decor The Vordun: European Masters Poster II @ The Vordun Museum and Gallery
Chair: Toiz. (5) dreamer sofa @ Shiny Shabby
Table: Toiz. (4) pinetree triangle table @ Shiny Shabby
Drawer: [[RH]] Kiri Tansu (Kimono Drawer) Gift @ The Epiphany 
Books with Tea: tarte. books & tea
Newspaper: Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
 Dark Books: [ kunst ] - World atlas books (b)
Magnifiers: Apple Fall Amelie Magnifiers
Lamp: Cheeky Pea Phoebe's Birdcage Lamp
Water Mashroom: Soy. Water Mashroom Set
Books: Apple Fall Tied Books
Newspapers on the Wall: Trompe Loeil - Classic Newsprint Wall Art
Blinds: Soy.  Reed Screen -SUDARE-
House: DaD DESIGN "Casa Del Sol" @ Shiny Shabby

I'm very happy to bring to you a new designer on the grid BIGBULLY a new decor shop that has just opened. These lovely city map prints are on a gacha machine up there in this new shop. I chose the cities I was visiting in over the years. Maybe I should turn this gacha into a travel to do list :)

In real life I'm a very very nut case history and art history mental. I'll give you an easy example as for last night. Girls movie night. My best friend and myself were watching Les Miserables. Lots of pauses with my showing her paintings and explaining about the Revolution of 1848. I'm telling you this because Jake Vordun owner and designer of Fancy Decor after a long hard work finally opened the gates to he Vordun Museum and Gallery. Art lovers of the world unite! You have to go and see this. With a hud that is like the audio guide you get in rl museums, brilliant setting and real fun experience you get the  closest thing to take a walk in the best museums of Europe in the matter of a TP. I grabbed a poster in the gift shop and I am really really happy that I went and planning on coming back.