Deserved love

Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica 
Skin Applier: [Mignonne] Meg MILK Tina Milk (not for sale)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Opal -  gingers @ Rally to Rescue
Eyes: [Buzz] Duo Eye - Earth
Outfit: SLX Outfit - Rozijn
Puppy on my shoulder: [Black Bantam] Pitbull Puppy/Boy - Brown
Fence with Poses: Lil'Bug Beware Of the Dog @ Rally to Rescue

White Big Pups: {anc} flottante puppy. milk
Pups in Wagon: Jian Puff Pups :: Puff Wagon Express RARE
Naughty Husky:  xin. panouk husky (bad dog)
Pup in a Monkey Costume: O.M.E.N - My Pet Adventure - Monkey Pup DECO
Brown Lab Pup: O.M.E.N Waiting for Santa Paws - Chocolate Lab
Yellow Lab Pup: O.M.E.N Waiting for Santa Paws - Yellow Lab
Kittens in a Basket: =Zenith= Adopt Kitten Basket (all colors) @ Rally to Rescue
Pup with Ball: +Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu - What is This?
Interested in the Pup's Ball: O.M.E.N - Mischievous Kittens - Curious Kitties
Digging in a Pot Kitty: Mutresse-Digging-Witty Cats
Cookie Stealing Kitty: O.M.E.N - Mischievous Kittens - Dorayaki Kitty
Tea Cup Kitty: O.M.E.N - Mischievous Kittens - Teacup - White
Crate: Serenity Style  Cute Camping Gacha Set The Crossroads  
Fence with Ivy and Stringlights: Consignment Bluebird String Light Trellis
Grass: {anc} Garden by anc slight wildgrass {flsah green} 
Caravan: dust bunny . wanderlust . hedera caravan . RARE

I couldn't help myself and went along with 5 pictures for this post. I'd like to highlight the items in these pictures that are now sold for a very important cause. TRUTH HAIRLil'Bug and Zenith along side many other designers which I will post as well, came together to donate for Rally To Rescue.

The Rally To Rescue is an event to raise funds for real world abused, misunderstood and abandoned animals. Pitbulls are at the front line of this event. Just go to one of the stores that take part in this beautiful event, grab the hud and start teleporting from one store to the other to get the items that take part and to donate your part.

In Israel there is a list of dogs that under the law are consider to be dangerous. Pitbulls, Amstaffs, Rottweiler are among the breeds that are on this list. Only animal not on this list and should be is Human.

I had a beautiful dog, her name was Mip. She was a mixed breed. Not one of the list above. She was delicate, sweet and very lovable. I was walking her when an Amstaffs attacked her and nearly killed her. There was fur everywhere and I was trying my best to get the dog to attack me and leave Mip alone. It's a memory that brings tears to my eyes till this day so many years after it happened, that I couldn't protect my beautiful Mip. Mip survived that attack with a lot of luck. She lived to be 17 and I'm so proud. 

I never EVER blamed the dog. I blamed the owner. A big guy that trained her to be like that. That made her behave in fear and in aggression. He is to blame for allowing her to be outside with his little 6 years old daughter for a walk without a leach. HE IS TO BLAME, not the dog.

I found an Amstaffs a few years back near my working place. She was lost the poor thing. I gave her water and food and I was making phone calls all day to rescue shelters to take her. No one was willing to take her, because she was an Amstaffs. I was trying to yell at them and tell them they are making a horrible mistake, But I couldn't keep myself from laughing because she kept licking my face and pushing my hand from the phone to cuddle her. Her owner that was looking for her all day eventually found me (thank god for facebook sharing). My point is, that attack all these years back, didn't stop me from trying to help her. She's a dog, she deserves to be loves. That's how my parents raised me and that's who I am.

They are dangerous breeds because humans made them that way Made their jaw to lock on the prey's neck in order to snap is. Made them fight each other for entertainment. Man is a cruel vicious animal at times. 

But there are good humans out there that are doing all they can to help animals in every way possible. Running shelters, giving time, money and soul to help. This event it helping them. So let's do our thing.