Window Frames (mod): Knick Knack 1001 nuits gachas @ The crossroads 
Star Candle: [PM]Pixel Mode - Hanging Star Candle COMMON @ Indie Teepee 2016
Moon: [PM]Pixel Mode - Crescent Moon COMMON @ Indie Teepee 2016
Glowing Star: [PM]Pixel Mode - Hanging Star COMMON @ Indie Teepee 2016
Pillows and Feathers Deco: Kalopsia - Cozy Moment @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Burner: BALACLAVA!! TeePee Incense Burner Indie Teepee 2016
sages for smoking and Amethyst: Soy. Essentials of Witchcraft Set
Table (mod): The Loft & Aria  - Hexa Industrial Table
House: Scarlet Creative Mockingbird Nook 1
Maple: The Little Branch SugarMaple.v2{Seasons}
Grass: {anc} Garden by anc slight wildgrass {flsah green} on FLF