An east wind is a wind that originates in the east and blows west

Beach Houses: Kalopsia - Lilo's Beach House - Cactus and Pineapple RARES @ The Chapter Four
Pool: Serenity Style Ibiza Summer Gacha Col Shiny Shabby (mod)
Elephant: Zaara [home] : 6 Sandstone elephant
Poofs Lanterns: Knick Knack 1001 nuits gachas The Crossroads  
Palm Trees: The Little Branch BeachPalm{Double} FaMEShed
Banana Trees: The Little Branch Banana_Potted
House: Zaara [home] : 1 Jodhpur house RARE
Flowers at the Back: Heart - Wild Flowers - Garlic Mustard FaMEShed
Flowers on the Sides: The Little Branch WhiteFlowers1
Walls: Knick Knack around the house walls - orange
Pavement: Maven Home Paving Kit
Base Bush for the Pal Trees: Botanical - Seasonal Boxwood Bushes Set