We're all stars now

Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica 
Skin Applier: [Mignonne] Tina Milk (not for sale)*
Hair: ICONIC Hera Hair
Corstet: E-Clipse Design FilRougeCorset Black @ On9
Panties with Stockings: [Avenge] Romantic Cervin @ Vintage Fair 
Pose: Elephante Poses You Know I'm No Good
Chair: tarte. woodrow vanity chair (gold)
Vanity: tarte. woodrow vanity
Wine and Glass: MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Gacha
Hair Dryer: [ARIA] Vivien decorative hair dryer
Makeup Bag: [CIRCA] - "Belladonna" Chic Makeup Bag - Black Brocade
Nailpolish Tray, Bracelets, Small Makeup Bag and Blush Brushes: Kalopsia - Emily's Beauty set
Cameras: !! Follow US !! Vintage set lights camera
House: Scarlet Creative The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Folly House MT RARE The Arcade


I read my own profile today on my blog. I hardly ever look and change it only once after a change I made, but nothing drastic as my opinions about sl and what I do never changed. I say there: "As a photographer I aim to tell a story. I want you to ask yourselves what is the plot behind the picture. It is a platform that sets the imagination free. Use it, embrace it..."

I go through my flickr and my facebook and I'm trying to understand how come the topics of the pictures are always set to one or two and you know what I mean. How come in a place where you can be all you want, most seem to want one thing and one thing only?

In one day I can make Bambi be anything under the sun. A mythical creature, a clown, a cop, an angel, you name it. I see amazing pictures on flickr, the imagination of some of the talented photographers on SL is mind blowing and I'm learning every day. So how come in this "place" in which we can be anything and everything, most choose that?

Is it because it's something you won't be able to do in real life? But imagination remember, there are about a million things one cannot do in rl and can create in SL what specifically one thing and one thing only? Is it maybe because it is naughty? Public? A show of? A hidden passion crying out? The people I follow on my Flickr are mostly not on that theme, but when I brows to look for new photographers to follow and learn from, it's really the majority of pictures that I see. My question is simple... Why?


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