Sofa: {vespertine} tiny dwelling - lazy sofa / beige 1 The Arcade 
Neon Sign with Keys: {vespertine}tiny dwelling - wall hook 4  The Arcade 
Journal on the Sofa: dust bunny . storybook living . researcher's journal
Map on the Coffee Table: {vespertine} tiny dwelling - wanderer kit 6 The Arcade 
Coffee Table and Tea Cups with a Flower: 8f8 - Cup of Spring Set
Cabinet: LISP - Mesh - Maurice Cabinets Grey Beige White (mod)
Sink: *ionic*  Vintage Kitchen counter
Baguette: MadPea Mad Hot Summer Party - Baguette The Arcade 
Bread Basket: dust bunny . wanderlust . bread basket The Arcade 
Apple Pie: dust bunny . wanderlust . apple pie The Arcade 
Wine: {what next} Bar Drinks Tray  The Arcade 
Pantry: [Brixley] farmhouse kitchen - pantry
Onions and Garlic: PLAAKA box for The Arcade Items
All the Rest in the Pantry: 8f8 Green Grocers Gacha Items
Grocery Bag: CHEZ MOI Grocery Bag
Cup Holder: Lark - Shutter Mug Holder (shop is closed unfortunatly)
Moon Neon: floorplan. neon III gacha / psychic The Arcade
Cup with Roses: dust bunny . wanderlust . rose teacup The Arcade
Cup with Daisies: dust bunny . wanderlust . daisy teacup The Arcade
Tall Cup with Flowers: dust bunny . wanderlust . bouquet teacup The Arcade
Typewriter: dust bunny . wanderlust . upcycled typewriter The Arcade
Wall Bed: CHEZ MOI Snuggle Wall Bed
Journal on the Bed: {vespertine} tiny dwelling -travel journal 8 The Arcade
Star Neon: floorplan. neon III gacha / star mint The Arcade
Blanket Ladder: dust bunny . wanderlust . blanket ladder The Arcade
Flower Pots Above the Windows: -DRD- GH flowerpots @ Shiny Shabby
Guitar Shelf: tarte. guitar shelf (free bird)
Dresser: DaD DESIGN "COCO - DRAWER DRESSER WOMEN" on Midnight Madness in 25 minutes! Go NOW!
Trinket Dish and Little Makeup Bag: Kalopsia - Emily's Beauty set
Makeup Bag: -tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Makeup Bag
Eyelashes Kit: -tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Pamper
Brushes: -tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Brushes
Pink Guitar: {what next} Hanging Guitar (Boho)
Wall Deco: dust bunny .wanderlust . twig frame The Arcade
Plant: Scarlet Creative The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Plant MT The Arcade
Table: tarte. half moon table (distressed)
Lantern: {vespertine} tiny dwelling - mountain lantern / red -10 The Arcade
Telephone: Scarlet Creative The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Telephone MT The Arcade
Plant in a Plate: dust bunny . storybook living . cake tin planter
Backpack on the Right: dust bunny . storybook living . old backpack
Backpack on the Left: *ionic* Traveller's backpack  {brown}
Ladder Frames: {what next} Ladder Frames
Cabinet: dust bunny amy's cabinet
Caraven: dust bunny . wanderlust . hedera caravan . RARE  The Arcade 
Trees: The Little Branch AppleTreev2{4Seasons}

*The flower pot above the sofa is mod. The empty pot from -DRD- linked to an unlinked flowers from Kalopsia's Marlowe's cabinet @ The Liaison Collaborative 

**DaD DESIGN partecipate to the next round of MM starts June 4th at 12 AM (the night of June 3rd into the 4th) with COCO dresser Man (midnight round) and COCO dresser women (noon round)


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