Crates Chairs and Tables and Coffee kit: GOOSE - Crate Garden set NEW
Stick Lights: unKindness StiKs Lights WoodLand Set 425L instead of 599L  on the Marketplace
Table with Lanterns, Bar, Signs, Drinks Cooler, Wine, Lanterns, Minnie Burgers and Bar Tray: {what next} Under The Stars Gacha The Arcade open June 1st
Plastic Cups, Plastic Silverware, Plates and Food Trays: MadPea Productions Mad Hot Summer Party The Arcade open June 1st
Lemonade: [ zerkalo ] Country Living - Lemonade
Alcohol, Beer Taps, Shaker: MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Gacha
Twinkling Trees: tarte. burlap tree (pine)
Pence with Lights: tarte. . garden fence
Trees: The Little Branch Bradford.Cluster{4Seasons}
Trees: The Little Branch AppleTreev2{4Seasons}

Ok Ladies and gents, quite a few things to say about this post for you all:
  • GOOSE are back after a little break with a cute little set of recycles crates into chairs and tables with a little coffee kit. Out in the shop now.
  • unKindness Opened up their very own Marketplace store just for us lazy bums. These beautiful tall sticklight are out there now in a nice discount on sale 425L instead of 599.
  • {what next} and MadPea are up and ready for this upcoming round of The Arcade open June 1st 
  • tarte. is having is having 50% on all the items in the shop! Hurry up the sale end up today and you don't want to miss it!


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