The Streets of London

Pub Built and Sign: MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Gacha 6 Republic
Underground: Apple Fall Metro Entrance
Hanging Plant: Kalopsia - Emily's Beauty set @ The Chapter 4
Hanging Buckets and Wooden Boxes with Flowers: Kalopsia Madeleine's Porch Set Uber
Guitar Case Sign: {what next} Guitar Case Sign @ Collabor88 Open Tomorrow
Tree Guard: Botanical - Street Tree Guard (Round)
Tree by the Bar: The Little Branch NewEngland.v2{4Seasons}
Trees: The Little Branch NewEngland.v2{4Seasons}
Car: {vespertine} travellers car/sky Rare
Street Lamps: 8f8 Green Grocers - Street Lamp
Wall Lamps: 8f8 Green Grocers - Wall Lamps
Bench: N4RS Vondel Park Bench - Rusted
Easel: Apple Fall Photographers' Easel
Guitar: Apple Fall Martins' Busker Guitar
Fruits: 8f8 Green Grocers - Fruit Basket
Market Stand: 8f8 Green Grocers - Market Cart Stand

Born and raised in Israel and ever since I can remember myself, my heart and soul were in London. I was 21 when I finally made it there for the first time in October 2005. I was home sick all my life, but only at 21 I realised how much and why. Here are a few memories that make London my home away from home and hopefully one day, my home.

Christmas 2006 Convent Garden. I was looking for a present for my mom when a street show caught my eye. So I went over to watch the show and this old gentleman was chit chatting with me. It was a lovely conversation about the weather, the show, the people. Then he politely said goodbye. Only as he was walking away I noticed that his suit was filthy and his shoes were torn apart barley holding on his feet.

Summer 2007 I was there on a summer acting course. Sunny and perfect weather. I was sitting in Kensington Gardens reading the last Harry Potter book. I was sitting with my legs crossed. A Squirrel was hopping on and off my leg trying to get my attention and my sandwich and a pigeon was resting on my top feet trying to get my attention and my sandwich. Sharing is caring...

Same summer, same bench a different day. A water bird with black body, green feet and an orange beak was among the birds I was sharing my sandwich with (breakfast was always shared that summer). I threw a tiny piece of bread in his direction and I saw him running off with the bread in his beak. I followed to see where he was off to and I saw him sharing the bread with smaller versions of himself, smaller grey versions of himself and a grey big version of him. What a beautiful family.

Later on that year, with a cold, and feeling alone in the big city. I was waiting for the central line all curled up in my own little world when a guy with no intention or suggestion just looked at me and said: "smile".

There are so many more memories I have from London and planning on always make more and more. The friends I met, the walks I took, the atmosphere and the feel that I can't get lost. Whenever I'm there even the smell of the underground that is horrid, I take a long deep breath. I love this city. 


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