You can tell it's good if you light it and a blue flame comes up; that means it's good moonshine and it won't make you go blind. Johnny Knoxville

Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica w/YS&YS Taylor Tone03 Skin Applier @ Shinny Shabby
Eyes: IKON Odyssey Eyes - Moor
Hair: Runaway Hair Mona Hair - Reds @ We <3 RP
Top: Eyelure Lace Halter Top  ESSENTIALS- 3 pack
Blueberry: Blueberry Harlow - Belted Denim Skirts - Faded Dark

Trees: The Little Branch PonyPalmv
Gin Bottle: kunst - Gin bottles
Shhh Moonshine(!!!!): UnKindness Raven Creek Moonshiners Set @ TMD

UnKindness release of this amazing Moonshiners set to this new round of TMD. A brilliant original idea. I love everything about it and can't wait to see it around in some cool sim creating a great scene. I love everything about this set!