The muse

Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica 
Applier: YS&YS Taylor Tone03 Skin Applier
Hair: Analog Dog scream cheese - light reds
Outfit: E-Clips ED. Veneto Blue Shades Shinny Shabby Open Feb 20th
Sandals: {kokoia} Mikonos Woman Brown 
Stool with Pose, Ladder, Drawings, Paint Pots, Palette and Brushes, Easel with Canvas, Rack, Pots, Rug: Knick Knacks Paint your life Shinny Shabby Open Feb 20th
Chair, Clock: Zerkalo Vintage Music Room Kustom9
Desk and Chair: HAIKEI Attic Storage Gacha {2} Kustom9
Books: Zerkalo Memories - Books1
Clothes Rack: HAIKEI Attic Storage Gacha {1} Kustom9
Boxes: HAIKEI Attic Storage Gacha {5} Kustom9
Picture: VersaTile Mobile Mind #3* Home and Garden Expo (Hope 4 Area)
Skybox: HAIKEI Attic Storage Gacha RARE Kustom9