Collabor88 Blogger Search 2016

*All the items in this post are from Collabor88 current and furmor rounds

The items from the current Collabor88 round:

Hair: D!va Hair "Amanda" (Red amber) @ Collabor88
Dress: CandyDoll Kaila Dress Purple @ Collabor88
Garter: Yummy Accessories Gun Garter Belt - Carbon Red @ Collabor88
Shoes: TETRA - Flared Suede Pumps (Black) @ Collabor88

Camera: Yummy Accessories Spy Camera with Super Zoom Lens @ Collabor88
vanity: tarte. woodrow vanity @ Collabor88
Chair: tarte. woodrow vanity chair (gold) @ Collabor88
Diamond Lamp: floorplan. hanging diamond light / gold @ Collabor88
House: [ba] marylebone flat  @ Collabor88

The items from furmor Collabor88 rounds:

Bottles on the Vanity and Candles: Soy. Essentials of Witchcraft Set (Collabor88 Sempt. 15 Round)
Bar on the Wall: PILOT - Mounted Bar (Collabor88 June 15 Round)
Radiator: junk. old radiator. (Collabor88 Feb. 15 Round)
Couch: DRD burtonesque gothic couch (Collabor88 Oct. 15 Round)
Table: DRD burtonesque gothic couch (Collabor88 Oct. 15 Round)
Dogs: {anc} flottante puppy. milk (Collabor88 Aug.15 Round)
Lamp: junk. arch lamp. tall. (Collabor88 Dec.14 Round)
Mist outside: {anc} mist cloud&nebra beads [sungold] (Collabor88 Aug.15 Round)