Give me one more moment of Paris at Christmas Time

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It's been 2 weeks that I haven't been blogging. That I haven't been taking pictures. God, I missed is! I'd like to thank yo all my amazing sponsors for being patient with me. I promise to catch up as soon as possible.

I have been in vacation to Barcelona and Paris in that time. In Paris we stayed in a lovely apartment right next to The Republique Square. Every day people come to that square to light candles, lay flowers and stand for a moment of silent in memory of the lives that were taken away in what can only the described as massacre on a Friday night in November. Paris is wounded. It's not the same a I remember it. The people are still the proud people, snobs and loving their city. But they are scared, quiet, alert, hurting and sad.

I'm from Tel Aviv. As an Israeli girl, I've dreamed of living in the city the never sleep. Tel Aviv is our Paris, our London, our NYC. There's always something to do. I work, study and live here. I can't start describing the feeling of sitting in wounded Paris and watch the Israeli news about a man on a Friday afternoon shooting people celebrating a birthday in a pub in the middle of Tel Aviv.

It was Ironic, painful, scary as the killer is still out there running loose in my city. In my home. I just got home. I'm sitting at my computer, my cat that seemed to have missed me so much there is not a room I can go to without him escorting me there. I'm here , writing my first post in two weeks, gaining my routine back and I think, of the little apartment right next to the Republique Square and the people that go there to light candles and stop for a moment to shed a tear.