Would you like a taste of the fruit of knowlage?

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Apples Cider, baskets, Ladder and Tree set: Jian Hillside Orchard LTD Event  New Round Open Today
Path: DaD DESIGN part of Woodstock Cottage with Addons
House: dust bunny . willow farmhouse

The LTD Event  is opening today with beautiful items. The Jian Hillside Orchard set is lovely. For starters I love to see the different types of apples, and the cider bottle makes it look so so good. The tree come in two versions Love lod and high (3 prims and 7 prims) and is scripted via a hud for different seasons of the year. The Ladder have a cute picking apples animation on it. I've seen quite a few of this sets lately, but this one is a favourite for sure.