We're on our way

Foxes: ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Reindeer (Ispachi no longer active on sl unfortunately, might be for sale in yard sales and the MP)
Black Bunnies: Half-Deer Snow Day Bunnies [Black]
Trees and Snowy Ground: Kalopsia Christmas Background Decor Tannenbaum Holiday Market Open Nov 25th
Santa's Sleigh and Toys and Coal Bags: Kalopsia Santa's Sleigh Tannenbaum Holiday Market Open Nov 25th
Toy Bunnies and Spintops: Kalopsia Small part of the Vintage Toys Set Tannenbaum Holiday Market Open Nov 25th

Kalopsia in their unique style did it again, with vintage sets all dedicated to Christmas. This is one out of many posts I'll be using these items. I'm sure they will inspire you too.