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Let's talk about sex... 
Ok no, not about sex, but about sl relationships. I don't mean just bf/gf relationships. I'm talking friendships as well...
At the end of this month I'll be an sl addict for 3 years. Over this time people came and went. So much has happened. I learned a lot, and here is one of those things that I've learned:
I can roughly divide SL residents into two groups regarding relationships (again, I'm using the word relationship in general and not just lovers):
  1. Those that SL is A GAME to them only. The moment they click the x it is gone till next time.
  2. Those that SL is a social thing for them and the people there are people.
Both groups and approaches are legitimate and acceptable. There is nothing wrong with them. The problem is honesty. If you belong in the first group, the best way will be to make it clear at the get going. At the risk of sounding cold or maybe have a shorter friends list, at least your name will be intact...

I know the pain of realizing a friend was NEVER a friend. As he chose to bring up an sl disagreement while I was recovering from losing my grandmother the day before.
I also know the pain of someone saying his affection statements are genuine, though they never were the moment it got boring for him I guess. Easily vanishing and leaving people who truly care and were worried. Had them and I known we are (in his eyes) part of a toy being played, the whole story would have been different.

Both people in their head, done nothing wrong. They were in game, talking to an in game person about in game "plot". We met in sl, within the sl world, therefore it's role playing even if the role being played is the role of a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner etc.

What amazes me is that these two groups usually state about themselves the exact opposite. The SL is A GAME group asks us to remember that behind every avi there's a real person (I can't be more tired of hearing that one to be honest) and the power of love (a force from above).... The SOCIAL group state clearly about SL being second in their life.

Again, whether you're on the first group, or the second, it doesn't matter. It's the interaction between the two and honesty that matters.