Who's on First?

J is hanging in there on a Noose: Botanical  Hangman's Noose Peatonville Asylum Items From MadPea Productions Starting Oct. 8th
Cal is Struggling on: Dutchie bondage/spanking chair
Weapons and other "Tools" that might be handy: MadPea Murder Kit The Men's Deprtment
Table and Chairs: N4RS Provence Table The Men's Deprtment
Desk Corner Set: Ex Machina A room in Florence The Men's Deprtment
Mirrors: Glam Affair Mirror Black/White @ Shiny Shabby
Book Shelf: Zerkalo Hangout - Ladder Bookshelf The Men's Deprtment
Lamp: Fancy Decor Chain Lamp The Men's Deprtment
Dresser: ionic 60's little dresser Lost and Found
House: HAIKEI where you've been /gacha @ Kustom9