Letters on the wall: affaire to whom it may concern LTD Event
Bean Bag: Revival bean bag LTD Event 
Puppy: {anc}  flottante puppy. milk
Flowers: Ariskea Mellow Autumn Poppy Flower [Deep Pink]  LTD Event 
Little Stool, Clock, Cranches Deco and Crate Table: Affaire vintage living room set LTD Event
Fireplace: CONVAIR Autumn Fireplace
Candle Chandelire, Letters on the Table, Mask and Books on the Couch: Zerkalo Hunt items on Saint-Pete City Hunt
Armchair, Couch and Rug: Revival Part of Linen Set LTD Event
Dining Table, Chairs, Bench, Sidboard and Wood Deco and Chandelire: Artisan Fantasy Hacienda Dining Set LTD Event
Candles: tarte. candelabra {iron}
Wine: Kunst Wine bottle & glasses holder
Whisky: 8f8 Storyteller's Burrow - Whisky Set
Postcard Collection: floorplan. postcard collection / french
Chairs, Sideboard and Deco on Far corner: 22769 bauwerk Grandmas Fall Memories black LTD Event
Lamp in the far corner: Fancy Decor Chain Lamp
House: Trompe Loeil - Attic Skybox