Far far away

Chandelier on the Piano: Vagabond & Kalopsia Pearl's Lace Set (unpacked)
Jug: dust bunny dahlia jug The Arcade
Bunnies: {anc}  cotton bunny. cappuccino
Owl: Half-Deer  Great Horned Owl - Brown
Raven: Half-Deer Raven - Witchy Collabor 88
Piano: Toiz 4. Autumn Piano Shiny Shabby
Puppy: Ispachi Florian Sleeping Puppy In Basket RARE (Closed might be found in yard sales and on the Markeplace)
Deers: Ispachi CHERISHED MOMENTS Reindeer (Closed might be found in yard sales and on the Markeplace)
Sign with String of Lights: The Hive - Falling Leaves Sign @ N21
Stag Deco: Fancy Decor Geometric Stag @ N21
Owl Deco: Geometric Owl @ N21
Celing Chandelier: Fancy Decor Classic Chandelier (gold) Shiny Shabby
Cat: Fashionably Dead Cat - 02 Sleeping Curled
Bed: Zigana . branched bed . autumn RARE
Ivy: EliBaily Ivy 
House and leavesKalopsia Maple Hideaway