Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again? A. A. Milne

Candle Holders: junk. Rings Candle Holder Iron
Candles: Vagabond & Kalopsia - Pearl's Lace Set Collabor 88
Bed: NOMAD // Improvised // Bed RARE Shiny Shabby Open Today
Drawers and Chest: NOMAD // Improvised // Drawers and Chest Shiny Shabby Open Today
Shelf: NOMAD // Improvised // Frames on Bench Shiny Shabby Open Today
Hanging Plant Right: Apt B // Simple Comforts Hanging Plant2 Shiny Shabby Open Today
Hanging Plant Left: Apt B // Simple Comforts Hanging Plant1 Shiny Shabby Open Today
Paper Bag Plant: Apt B // Simple Comforts Paper Bag Shiny Shabby Open Today
Laundry Basket: NOMAD  // Improvised // Laundry Basket and Soap
Rug: Kalopsia - Vintage Mini set (unpacked) @ Kustom9
Basket: Kalopsia - Basket Set
Bench: Apple Fall  Neva's Sideboard
House: DaD DESIGN "Woodstock Cottage with Addons" @ The Fantasy Collective


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