To simply wake up every morning a better person than when I went to bed. Sidney Poitier

Chair: NOMAD // Classical Chair // .05 
Cello: NOMAD // Cello // .03
Bust Statue: NOMAD //  Classical Bust // .08 
Piano: Apple Fall Dolly Piano
Roses Jug: Apple Fall Roses Jug
Lamp: tarte. old floor lamp (bronze)
Rose Urn: Kaerri Pink Rose Urn
Bench: unKindess Rustic Bench LexiProject Exclusive
Books: Cheeky Pea Book Decor Dollarbie Shortstack @ Uber
Building: 8F8 Green Grocers -  Pavillion RARE

Trees anf Rock: Grotto Cavern Landscaping Part of Mesh Fairy Woodland Forest Building Set With Seasons Hud 28Part
Grass: T-Spot Morning Dew Grass
Dom Stracture: vespertine garden folly on 50L Friday (the leaves on the fountain and folly are the price tags and vendors)
Wall: Botanical Wrought Iron and Brick Fence

The Lexi Project is a collaborative effort between SL designers to help raise funds to assist Lexi Zelin, Owner and Designer of AngelRed Couture, in her fight against cancer. For more deatils click Here


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