All good things which exist are the fruits of originality. John Stuart Mill

Drinks in Jars: Sway's [Summer] Drinking Jars 3:2 on 50L Friday
Picnic Table and Bench: Zerkalo Summer Day - Fatpack - Natural
Strawberries: 8F8 Green Grocers -  Strawberry Set
Watermelon Tasting Set: 8F8 Green Grocers -  Watermelon Set
Juicer and Orangers: *ionic* Juicer
Lemonade Glasses: Zerkalo Country Living - Glass w/Lemonade Shiny Shabby
Lemonade: Zerkalo Country Living - Lemonade Shiny Shabby
Trees: Grotto Cavern Landscaping Part of Mesh Fairy Woodland Forest Building Set With Seasons Hud 28Part
Hammock: Cheeky Pea Boho Dreamtime Hammock
Life Belts: 22769 [bauwerk] Life Belt
Cobblestone: Apple Fall  Notting Hill Cobblestone
Boat: The Mesh Shop Riva Iseo GUCCI Red (texturing by stoneready)


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