Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. Victor Hugo

Lights: tarte. twig chandelier The Arcade
Chairs: 8F8 Garden Chair his and hers The Arcade
Cello: NOMAD // Cello // .03
Frames: Zenith Vintage Frames (Milk)
Bed: Zerkalo District Tenderness Bed Snow @ LTD Event
Canopy: Zerkalo District Tenderness Canopy @ LTD Event
White Towel Stack: Pixel Mode Victoria's Bath - White Towel Stack
Roses on the Bed: CATWA Lying Rose [White]
Stamp BoxFancy Decor Stamp Box The Arcade
Letter BoxFancy Decor Letter Box The Arcade
Postcard BoxFancy Decor Postcard Box The Arcade
Postcard BundleFancy Decor Postcard Bundle The Arcade
Shelf: 8F8 Primavera in Toscana - Shelf 
Roses in Vases: CaTwA  Rose-Vase
Dragonfly: Pixel Mode  Victoria's Hideaway - Dragonfly
Floor Lanterns: Pixel Mode - Victoria's Hideaway - Floor Lantern The Arcade
Bedside Table: Zerkalo District Tenderness Bedside Table - Empty @ LTD Event
Little Soape Bottles: flowey x Teawood: Kaz Grooming Set #8
Soap Busket: Pixel Mode Victoria's Bath  -  Soap Basket
Pink Flowers: Dust Bunny blossoming flowers
Flowers: Dust Bunny babybreath vase
Pink Roses: Apple Fall Roses Jug
Bath: Scarlet Creative Amelie Vintage Bath and Shower
Rug: Fancy Decor Journey Rug The Arcade
Towel Rack: Scarlet Creative Amelie Towel Rack @ The Arcade
Sideboard: Second Spaces Lottie sideboard (full) - white @ LTD Event
Caged Candles: Revival Bamboo Lanterns Light @ FaMEShed
Jewelry Tray: Pixel Mode Victoria's Bath  - Jewelry Tray
Decor Chair: HIDEKI - Shabby Chair Decor
House: Scarlet Creative  Ete Summer Cabin @ Collabor88