I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. Vincent Van Gogh

Skin: Glam Affair Luna skin - Jamaica Tone - 08
Hair: no.match No Shelter
Tattoo: .Things. Atia Tattoo
Outfit: DuckNipple Wortel Set w HUD
Poses: Del May Double Take you and Daunted
Location: Death Row Island

12 years to sl and everyone are going and thinking back about what they did in sl. How it made their life better/worse. I'm looking back as well. I'm blown away at times with the way I am now. I'm not different in my rl. I'm the exact same person. I'm not different in sl. Ayelet and Bambi are the same person. Only in sl I built a name as an artist and I'm proud of it and in rl I'm an historian working in a translation office in a very gray not interesting job.

I developed an eye for colour, shape, light, shadows and how in the world THAT happened? Fashion!

My mom is an interior designer and I showed her my room designs. She was so proud so see how much I learned from just watching her. She started suggesting more light and my head was starting to act like... my head. A special someone said simply: you're looking at it as a photographer and you're doing it the way your head is leading you. He made it sound so simple and took me back to a confident place. Just by saying it the way it is.
Speaking of special someone. I met amazing people here. Some are in my heart to stay. Near or far I love and adore you all.

I've been through horrible things in sl. From racism to the deceit, sexual harassments and violence. But I've also seen a lot of good. Donation party for a child in need, support and care, sitting for beer in rl. A safe place to cry and laugh and be angry at in the hugging arms of my dearest friends.

I think the strongest thing that ever happened to me in sl was a greedy game with friends I had to brb on as rockets flew over my house and I needed to run to shelter.

Make no mistake, sl is sin city and we do a lot of things here that if we'll stop, back away and look at ourselves, We'll be feeling mostly shame. But in this sin city. In this place filled with so much wrong, it can also feel just... right