Star Trek characters never go shopping. Douglas Coupland


Clothing Racks on the Walls and Sneakers on the Floor: Bazar Stockholm-Bedroom set 6º Republic Event
Clothing Racks by the Window: CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Clothes Rack Butterfly 
 Cash Register: Ionic Cash Register The Chapter Four
Table: Ionic Cafeteria Glass Table The Chapter Four
Blackboard: Ionic chalkboard messages
Ceiling Lights: tarte. boho ceiling lights
Hat Rack: 8f8 La Petite Joie Cafe - Hat Rack
Counter: 8f8 La Petite Joie Cafe - Counter
Folded towels: Dutchie stack of towels
Rolled towels: Dutchie 3 rolled  towels
Hat Box: Apple Fall Hat Box
Monogram Luggage: Apple Fall Monogram Luggage Bag
Worn Luggage: Apple Fall Worn Luggage Bag
Mannequin: Apple Fall Dress Form
Shoe Boxes: NanTra To The New Year 2
Decoration on the Counter: CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Flower & Book Moroccan
Box on the Counter: MadPea Ex-girlfriend's Junk
Couch: CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Sofa Multiposes Moroccan
Side Table with Lamp: CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Side Table Moroccan
Building: Ionic La Cafeteria RARE @ The Chapter Four


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