Look into my eyes

Skin: Glam Affair Luna skin - Jamaica Tone - 08 @ Collabor 88
Eyes: IKON Primise Eyes - Fjord
Hair: MINA Hair - Myrtle @ Shiny Shabby
Pose: Imeka  Chaconnee - Pose 8

I was helping a few friends with tiny touches to their avi's. Most recent was 2 days ago. I admit, the guy was simply asking me to look at his forehead to see if there was a glow on it... in return I said... you need new eyes (I'm mean that way). You can have the perfect skin, the newest best hair out there, but the eyes, in my opinion, are what can make your avatar look realistic, full of emotion and change your overall look. I saw the change happening right in front of me while he was changing from his old eyes to his brand new IKON eyes. I'm giving IKON as an example as one of the many shops that work hard on making realistic and interesting eyes. There are a few good suppliers out there but, IKON with the different sizes, the mesh option and the amazing variety of different colours and reflections always makes them my first choice, when shopping for eyes. 

Comparing the two pictures above you can see that I'm wearing the same skin and hair and I'm also in the same pose. I set the wl at noon towards 5pm. The eyes on the left are from a freebie shop I went to as a noob. On the right are my very first IKON eyes that were a group gift back in January 2014. As you can see my whole general look has changed, less like a doll and now much more like a realistic avi.

So, before looking for a new skin and/or shape start with changing your eyes to something more realistic. You'll be surprised by the impact of what changing your eyes can do for your looks.

*my friend wish to state he is single and handsome and all other stuff *rolls eyes*


  1. Anonymous20/5/15

    LOL Bambi!

    I love what your friend wanted you to write to your readers. Makes me wish I was single just to meet him!


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