I love everything that's old, - old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine. Oliver Goldsmith

Plants: CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Potted Bamboo Moroccan
Piano: CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Fancy Piano Multiposes
Coffee Table: CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Coffee Table Moroccan
Armchairs: CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Armchair Pillow Moroccan/Armchair Moroccan
Bottle Candle: Bazar Part of the Stockholm-Bedroom set 6º Republic Event
Door Screens: 22769  bauwerk Shabby Door Screen Shiny Shabby opens tomorrow the 20'th
Lamp: tarte. old floor lamp (bronze)
Wall Lamp: Cheeky Pea Industrial Chalk Frame Light @ TMD
Console Bars: ARIA Sorrel console bar
Bottle of Wine and Wine Glasses on the table and on the console on the right: Kaerri Part of the Altana Gazebo set
Brandy Glasses and Martini Glasses: Enchanted Creations Kitchen Clutter Set on the MP
Books: Aileen's FAT PACK Book Rows (3)
Book Holder on the right: YS&YS La Cantina - 04 Bookend DrinkIt Shiny Shabby opens tomorrow the 20'th
Book Holder on the Left: YS&YS La Cantina - 03 Bookend OpenIt Shiny Shabby opens tomorrow the 20'th
Wine Set: YS&YS La Cantina -  09 Wine Set Used Shiny Shabby opens tomorrow the 20'th
Wine Cases: YS&YS La Cantina (the boxes in which the itames are in while unpaking)
Building: Ionic La Cafeteria RARE @ The Chapter Four